Stand With Amazônía

Dear Friends of Amazônía and All Life on Earth,

A deadly crisis is unfolding in Brazil right now that will influence all humanity and the entire planet.

Over 6000 indigenous peoples have gathered in a “Struggle for Life '' camp, in front of the Brazilian Presidential Palace, to publicly voice their protest of the pending government approval of land-grabbing legislation that will strip their rights and demarcated protections of indigenous territories for short term profits.

We know that their traditional guardianship of the rainforest prevents the deforestation of the Amazon Basin. Currently hovering at 21% deforestation, it is assured that approval of these bills would push the Amazon ecosystem over the 23-25% ‘tipping point’ by the end of 2021. Our moment of truth, this is our last chance to save what remains of the rainforest, and regenerate what has been lost to avoid global genocide and ecocide.

Sônia Guajajara, Kreta Kaingang, and over 800,000 Brazilian Indigenous are crying out for our commitment to immediately and broadly engage our influence, as journalists, artists, activists, and advocates to heed their call. They are specifically asking the international community to ramp up the amplification of their message, to raise awareness of the dire consequences, and to help gather crucial resources for their urgent mobilization.

Top scientists and people are fighting hard on the frontlines - risking their lives - they appeal to us every day saying that the support of the global civilian society is their last hope of voices that will make the difference.

Please share this message far and wide, although, here are a few key messages to share, together or alone:

"We still have a small window of opportunity to turn the planetary tipping point in the right direction"

“If they die, we die. We must work together to Stand With Amazônia to Save Ourselves.

“The choice is ours ~ we are facing either our final hour or our finest hour ~ which do we want?”

“Our future is at stake more than ever before: If we don't speak up NOW, the Amazon will be destroyed … “If we wait, it will be too late.”

You can use these hashtags: #StandWithAmazônía, #StruggleForLife, #LutaPelaVida, #EmergênciaIndígena

While we know you are already involved in many organizations, please consider connecting with the Emergency Global Alliance in order to coordinate our collective involvement and actions. As an urgent Call to Action, the EGA is holding a daily press conference for field updates @ 4:00 pm Brasilia time. Here is the Zoom link.

We have attached a press release to further explain the details of the crisis. Please pass this to any press contacts you have. All of our lives depend on safeguarding the lives and lands of the Indigenous of Amazônía.

Please consider using your voice to prevent the Brazilian government from passing these laws, which will destroy the Amazon forever, setting off such a catastrophe that in the too near future humanity could be facing extinction.

This is a matter of life or death... we CAN choose to stand in a new way with the Earth ... for our children’s future.

Thank you for caring enough to contribute!

Sincerely, Elizabeth Herald / WWCC, EGA & Weaving Worlds Team


Brazilian PL490 Vote - EGA - The Final Hour (1)
Download PDF • 122KB

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