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About Us

The inception of Weaving Worlds was inspired by  Hopi Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. The prophecy states: when the two great birds, the Condor of the South (who represents the path of the heart and intuition), and the Eagle of the North (who represents the path of the mind and industry), come together to fly as one in solidarity, the tribe of the rainbow people will emerge. This tribe will have the potential to weave peace and restore humanity so that we may be in balance with all creatures of the Earth and beings of the infinite. 

We are the humming birds. The humming bird is native all throughout the Americas. It migrates freely between north and southern territories of the north & south.  As humming birds, we represent unity and are the messengers between these regions of North & South, Mind & Heart.

As world weavers, WE CONNECT WITH YOU!
We create and support projects that strengthen community, shares knowledge and resources to enhance the well-being of life on planet Earth. 



Weaving Worlds is a non-profit organization of philanthropists who come from various backgrounds, cultures, and industries.


Together, we are a collective: educators, artists, activists, environmentalists, scientists, doctors, herbalists, farmers, engineers, economists, and holistic healers. We bridge cultures and social systems devoted to Mother Earth and the health of humanity.


Our goal is to strengthen our global community by creating a network that bridges the gaps within our society.


We believe every person is an important thread to our beautiful tapestry of humanity. Together, we have all that we need to cultivate a regenerative world that is plentiful with clean water, nutrient-rich soil, fresh air, and a passionate spirit.


We urge all people and groups to contact us who are involved in social movements and projects that are in alignment with the pillars of Weaving Worlds: Environmental Sustainability, Nutrition & Wellness, Ancestral Wisdom and the Arts.

By weaving all of our projects together, we aim to create an everlasting web of abundance, regeneration, and fraternity.

Our Story

In 2015, over 30 individuals from around the world heard the heart call to visit Colombia and learn from the native wisdom keepers of different territories. This journey included the Kofan located in the deep jungles situated between Colombia and Ecuador, the Kogi of the great mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and the Muiska metizos who were re-awaking to their spiritual and cultural lineage in the heart of Bogota and surrounding paramos.


It was on this epic and life changing journey, that the first "chispa" (spark) was inspired for us to awaken as the rainbow people told of in the Hopi Prophecy.  As the prophecy stated, we represented a multi-color tribe of individuals, united across cultures and disciplines, coming together with respect and honor to be humble guardians of the Earth.  One our first journey we set out in a caravan to travel across North, Central and South America. Our mission was to learn and grow, sharing our hearts and resources with communities far and wide. It was through this beautiful and authentic exchange that we began to weave the world.

On our Weaving Worlds caravan across the Americas, we visited schools in Mexico, Guatemaya (not mala), El Salvador and Colombia, where we planted permaculture design gardens (that are still thriving!). We engaged with native tribes in Mexico, Guatemaya, Panama and Colombia to share organic seeds from each region and sow colorful nutrient-rich gardens full of food.

We reactivated lands by planting trees and started edible food forests wherever we could. Our eyes were open and we wanted to learn how to know the nature in our backyard more intimately. We learned how to forage natural medicines, and food in both rural and urban settings. We brought our creative, loving hearts everywhere we went and shared music, dance, circus, and visual arts to under-served or disconnected populations, including, elderly home facilities, hospitals, the homeless, and orphanages. 

We ended our caravan in Colombia, where we established our first "Transcultural Beehive" which served as a community arts and nutrition center for local children, and the community. There, we created weekly programs for the local community to: plant gardens, access nutritious organic food, enjoy super food smoothies, learn fermentation, take care of their bodies through massage and yoga, and express themselves through music & dance, and even sowing!

We are grateful to our inception years of Weaving Worlds, and all of the members of the collective, communities, tribes, volunteers, and guides who have helped to shape us along the way. As a living, breathing organization we act as a rainbow-web, doing our work to weave where our heart listens, and the Earth speaks.

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Join our Weaving Worlds Team as a volunteer and ambassador to support projects that make a difference for the planet and the seven generations to come.

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