As world weavers, WE CONNECT WITH YOU!

We create and support projects that strengthen community, shares knowledge, and aims to enhance the wellbeing of life on planet Earth. 




We are Weaving Worlds, a collective initiative of Artists, Earth Activists, Philanthropists and Holistic Healers creating bridges between cultures dedicated to protecting Mother Earth and all of its living systems.


We seek to cultivate a holistic collaborative cultural evolution that prioritizes: human creativity, ancestral wisdom, and care for all generations of life and the planet.


We want to strengthen our global community by creating a database that bridges the gaps within our society. As such, we urge all people and groups involved in social movements and projects that are in alignment with promoting cultural exchange, positive solutions, regenerative actions, education, healing, sovereignty to contact us.

By weaving all of our projects with one another we will create an everlasting web of support & sustainability for each other and Mother Earth.

Our Story

Three years ago we led a caravan from North to South America spreading seeds of joy, abundance, and community far and wide. We all felt a strong call to come together and unite for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor flying together as one again. We visited schools in Mexico, Guatemaya, El Salvador and Colombia where we planted permaculture design gardens that are still thriving! We had seed exchange gatherings with native tribes in Mexico, Guatemaya, Panama and Colombia so that the seeds of the north could be sowed in the south to weave colorful intricate world gardens. We ended our caravan in Colombia where we established our first Transcultural Beehive which served as a community arts and nutrition center for local children and the corresponding community to enjoy in superfood smoothies, healthy eating, fermentation workshops, music & dance classes, massage, yoga and sewing! The impact in the community and the surrounding Kogi tribes was priceless and truly a magnificent accomplishment for us to bring to fruition.


Founder & Dream Maker 


We weave with you! To do this we value sharing knowledge through the form of action and workshops. We believe in getting the entire community involved from children, teens, adults and elders as away to fully embody who we are as a united global community.  We believe very person is an important thread to our beautiful tapestry of humanity with something to offer and learn from.

Some of our projects include creating educational community fairs that teach about nutrition through superfood smoothy making. Others include permaculture workshops by getting our hands dirty in the garden, reactivating lands by planting trees, starting edible food forests, or by getting to know the nature in our backyard more intimately with observational natural walks and food / medicine foraging in both cities and rural settings.

 Other projects include activating the creative and loving heart through expressive art workshops in the form of music, dance, and visual art making. To do this we bring our exuberance to elderly home facilities, hospitals, the homeless, orphanages and other underserved or disconnected communities in the United States and around the World to remember the vibration of life that is songs and self expression. 

It is important to us to preserve and use the knowledge of Ancestral Wisdom from our cultures around the world that hold the keys to live in balance with the Earth and all her creatures. With this in mind we keep alive wisdom of the heart by sharing stories, mythology, songs, healing techniques, and teachings that help us to remember who we are as courageous human beings of a golden hearts woven throughout the world. 

What we are capable is limitless. If there is a community that you want to activate, lets weave together! 


Education - Ancestral Wisdom - Sustainability - Permaculture