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Our Projects

Our Weaving Worlds Team creates projects from around the world to improve the Earth and the communities who love her. All of our projects represent one or more of the four pillars of our non for profit organization : Environmental Sustainability, Nutrition & Wellness, Ancestral Wisdom, and the Arts.

Environmental Sustainability

Spring 2023 || MEXICO

Clean Water Initiative for Santo Domingo Ocotitlan, Mexico

The purpose of this project is to ensure the local people of Santo Domingo Ocotitlan have access to clean drinking water, and the habitat of the Bosque de Agua in Tepotzlan is preserved. 


Weaving Worlds aims to restore water catchment, retaining pools, and piping systems that bring clean water from the natural springs of the surrounding forest, to the local village center.  In the village center, this water may be used to help with proper sanitation, and provide free, clean, drinking water for the entire village year round. 


The area of Santo Domingo Ocotitlan is home to 4 different known springs that come directly from the forest. In the rainy season, these springs are abundant, and overflow with clean water that runoff down the mountain to different parts of the village of Santo Domingo Ocotitlan. 


Currently, the village does not have access to free, clean water. The existing catchment pools and water delivery system is outdated and has been tampered with. Without a proper water transporting system in place, the water that reaches the village is contaminated and unusable by the community. 

The forest associated with this project is Corredor Biológico Chichinautzin. This forest is the main source of water for the 23 million inhabitants of Morelos, Mexico City and all of Central Mexico. This habitat is a coniferous forest, oak, pine and associations as well as transitional low jungle caducifolia. Located in the Transversal Neovolcanic Axis, pastures of the center of Mexico.


Weaving Worlds is in the first stage of getting this project off the ground. If you would like to help and support this project, please get in touch!

Active & Current Projects:

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 Ancestral Wisdom

January 2023 || MEXICO

Visibility for the Indigenous Voice 

 Weaving Worlds team has the honor to witness and share visibility of this historic moment for the indigenous people in Mexico.


The Forum of Entheogenic Medicines took place from January 24-25, 2023. This marks the first time indigenous peoples have been invited to the Mexican Senate to share their cultural wisdom of entheogenic medicines.


This forum was led by various indigenous leaders, healthcare professionals, experts in public policy and Human Rights, as well as respected members of the scientific community. This forum was called as an educational resource to help inform the upcoming trials of the eight people who have been detained for carrying ayahuasca into the country of Mexico. 


The brew of ayahuasca is a combination of two plants found in the jungle; the ayahuasca vine, and a small shrubbed brush called caapi. This brew is a sacred cultural practice for the people of these regions and is used in ceremony for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing purposes. Like other entheogenic medicines that are practiced by native cultures, ayahuasca has a psychoactive effect that takes place under the supervision of the experienced curandaro (medicine man or woman) during the ceremony.


Through globalization, this brew and cultural practice has become more available to the general public who seek healing and live outside the jungle. With the popularization of this medicine, questions arise as to the regulation of this sacred brew. Who has the right to carry and serve this medicine? Is this medicine a drug? How can this medicine be used for its medicinal purposes without exploring the nature and people of where it comes from?


Four of the eight people who are detained for carrying this medicine into Mexico are indigenous, while the remaining are mestizo. Six of the eight detainees are well respected healers in their communities, and carry traditional spiritual rights to share the medicine of ayahuasca.


Even though ayahuasca is legal in the country of Mexico, the key constituent, DMT that is within the caapi leaf of the ayahuasca brew, is not. The military security that currently protects the Mexican borders do not recognize the difference between synthesized DMT and the plants that make the decocted brew of ayahuasca. 


Because of this, eight people have been put in prison without a hearing, representation, or the ability to see family members since the offense. Some have been imprisoned for almost a year and speak very little Spanish. 


The detained are being held and processed in this way under a stipulation of the Mexican law that is in place for dangerous people who traffic narcotic drugs. 


If the detained persons are found guilty, they may face a sentence of 8 - 25 years in prison.


The trial of the first detainee will begin Jan. 26, 2023. The ruling will take place in mid February of 2023. This ruling will set a precedent for the future of the remaining detainees and the future of ayahuasca in Mexico. Natalia Rebollo is the lawyer of Iceers who is representing the first detainee.


Weaving Worlds is dedicated to following this story with the purpose to give visibility to this issue regarding ancestral wisdom. 


At the end of the first day of the Forum of Intercultural Entheogenic Medicines, one of the detainees made a phone call from prison. He called a friend who was at the forum and shared his voice directly to the guests over the phone.


He was in high spirits and explained how he felt that even his imprisonment was an act of service to the medicine. He felt his imprisonment caused important conversations like these to take place on a large scale that the world needs to hear.


The detained curandero ended his call with a heartfelt song that paid homage to the medicine of ayahuasca. This moment united us all in tears and hope. 


Our non-profit organization, Weaving Worlds, was on the ground at the forum covering this developing story. Following the forum, a celebration of music took place honoring the medicine of ayahuasca and the cultures of her origin.


We will keep an eye on this developing story as it continues to unfold. Follow along on Instagram @weavingworldsteam or sign up for our newsletter for updates. 

UPDATE: Natalia Rebollo is the lawyer of ICEERS who represented the first detainee at the trial that began on Jan. 26, 2023. The ruling took place on March 7, 2023 resulting in the acquittal and release of Don José Campos, the 64-year-old curandero from the Peruvian Amazon. This ruling sets a precedent for the future of the remaining detainees and the future of ayahuasca in Mexico.

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Past Projects:

Fundraiser || Community || Ancestral Wisdom

December 2022 ||


"Embrace of the Amate" XVI Vision Counsel - Guardians of the Earth

The Vision Council (Consejo de Visiones) - Guardians of the Earth is a multidisciplinary educational event focused on generating social and environmental change, which serves as a forum for the exchange of resources and practical knowledge with the aim of enriching the knowledge of participants in subjects that build a re-connection with nature.


The program includes a week-long schedule with simultaneous offerings on holistic health, ancestral traditions, permaculture, organic agriculture, ecovillages, natural building techniques, and viable models for ecological and social regeneration.

The Vision Council has its origin in the desire to gather ecologists, healers, elders and wisdom keepers of various traditions, young people and artists from different parts of Latin America and the world, with the goal of living together for seven days and sharing a vision of a planet re-created on values of cooperation, creativity, diversity, tolerance, social justice, health, well-being, and respect towards all forms of life.

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The Vision Council has its origin in the desire to gather ecologists, healers, elders and wisdom keepers of various traditions, young people and artists from different parts of Latin America and the world, with the goal of living together for seven days and sharing a vision of a planet re-created on values of cooperation, creativity, diversity, tolerance, social justice, health, well-being, and respect towards all forms of life.


Weaving Worlds raised funds to support this gathering to take place and to bring elders from different parts of Mexico to participate at this event.


Weaving Worlds team participated at this event by engaging in workshops, dialogue, and caring for the Temazcal.

Fundraiser || Community || Nutrition || Arts

June 2020 || COSTA RICA

Pandemic Community Relief

Wonderland Circus Day

The Covid pandemic was a difficult time for all and left many people in financial deficit and isolation. 

Weaving Worlds team member decided to partner with visiting circus artist Tammy Firefly to provide relief to the small community that they found themselves in during the "lock down" of the 2020 pandemic.

Untitled design(6).jpg

Together they organized a workshop of circus silks for the children to enjoy outside at the Rancho Delicioso Farm. This workshop lifted moral for the children and raised money to buy food and basic supplies for community members in need.


With the funds raised, Weaving Worlds and Tammy FireFly accompanied the local Costa Rican organization, La Red de Apoyo de Montezuma por el Covid-19,  to deliver food and goods to six different households in need. This resulted in feeding over 23 people in the town of  Montezuma, Costa Rica during the pandemic. 

Fundraiser || Visibility || Environmental Sustainability || Arts

MAY 2019 || NYC || USA



Weaving Worlds created "Bodies of Water", an artistic and educational fundraising event to showcase distinguished female visual artists, Earth activists, outstanding musicians, with the purpose of raising money to support the women lead clean water effort in the village of Kunya, Kenya, Africa.

Untitled design.jpg

For this event, Weaving Worlds teamed up with  the non profit organizations WaterNow & MAMA na DADA to bring educational visibility and awareness to the unsanitary conditions and inaccessibility to clean water for the Kunya village.


With the funds raised from this event, a 10,000 liter water tank for rainwater catchment was installed for the Kunya village, in addition to 10 water filters for 10 families of community members. 


Having an accessible water supply that is free of hazardous health contaminants is essential for all of life. In the village of Kunya, women are the sole members of the community who are responsible for transporting water to their community. Women walk long distances to fetch clean water to serve their community every day, By implementing these technologies of water catchment tanks and filtration systems, women will have more time to pursue income generating activities and their dreams.

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