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Arts & Education Events To Support Clean Water Sustainability Around the World

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NYC - MAY 19, 2019

Bodies of Water is a series of fundraising Arts & Education Events to highlight women in the arts and support sustainable water projects around the world.


On MAY 19th, Weaving Worlds is delighted present Bodies of Water to showcase distinguished female visual artists, Earth activists, outstanding musicians and phenomenal performances from around the world to support the women lead clean water effort in the village of Kunya, Kenya.


Weaving Worlds in partnership with Water Now are collaborating with MAMA na DADA - East Africa Women’s Water Coalition to install two water filtration systems and rainwater catchment structures in Kenya in order to provide easier access to safe and clean water.


Having an accessible water supply that is free of hazardous health contaminants will provide a safe water supply for the entire community and will save women hundreds of labor intensive hours currently used to fetch water from far distances. By implementing these technologies women, who are the sole members of the community responsible for this vital task, will have more time to pursue income generating activities and their dreams.


Bodies of Water is to be enjoyed by the whole family and the New York community. This event will feature artistic expressions of water, educational demonstrations, a raffle, a waterblessing by the elder Carole Bubar-Blodgett, and a Sound Bath to honor our waters in the name of sustainability.


Join our network of social impact projects, alternative communities, holistic healers and artist collectives as we create a transformational experience focused on community building, education, celebration, earth wisdom, activism, regenerative sustainability, and ceremony.

Time: 2-7pm

Location: prime Produce || 424 W 54th St.

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of Kunya, Kenya 

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(Left): Joyce (Onyango) Oneko, founder of MAMA na DADA

Mama na Dada is committed to girl child education and women empowerment; sexual and reproductive health for youth; shared direction and empowerment; and sustainable community development, based on the values of teamwork, care and understanding, participation, accountability and transparency, equity, social justice and continuous learning

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Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake by area, and shares borders with Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. MAMA na DADA of Kenya works with the village of Kunya where Lake Victoria, their main water source, is not safe to drink due to the high levels of contamination and toxic waste. Much of this contamination is due to the discharge of raw sewage into the lake, dumping of domestic & industrial waste, and fertilizers & chemicals from farms. Every third person of the Kunya village suffers from the water contamination or other water-borne diseases that lead to illness and fatality due to its pollution.


To improve the water contamination along with the sanitary and health conditions in Kunya, Weaving Worlds & WaterNow will offer educational opportunities that support personal-empowerment and community resiliency including demonstrations, educational materials discussing clean water practices and permaculture design. As direct action to benefit the community, two water filtration systems and rainwater catchment structures will be constructed to improve the water quality for the village of Kunya.


Our programs will work to further enable these groups by sharing tools for self-actualization, cooperative organization, and healthy lifestyle habits.




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Visual Artists

Mariela de la Paz

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*Artwork exhibited at the event will be up for silent auction with % of funds going to the artist and the remaining % going to the Cause. 

Artwork seen here can be bit on before the event date of May 19, 2019


Click here to inquire privately & make your bid! 

Poetry & Spoken Word

Dance & performance

Crystelle Reola

Sacred Blessings

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Carole Bubar-Blodgett :  Water Blessing

Unci Carole Bubar-Blodgett will be leading a sacred Water Blessing at our Bodies of Water event. Guests are asked to bring their own water from home to join this ceremony.


The teachings of the sacred water practices have been authentically passed down to Carole Bubar-Blodgett by her mentor Josephine Mandamin, the renowned Anishinaabe grandmother and activist who crossed over to the next plane at age of 77 on Feb. 22 2019. 

Carole now continues her mentor's work of the Water is Life Sacred Walk to connect the rivers, lakes and oceans with prayer. In this work she goes by foot, carrying water in prayer connecting these great bodies of water and to raise awareness for water.  

This June the 9th Annual Water is Life Walk will be for the Muhheakantuck or Mahacanattuck, now known as the Hudson River in New York. Carole & team will walk Source to Sea. The Source is Lake Tear of the Clouds in Keene, NY. Sea is Liberty State Park, NJ.



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Tribute video to Unci Carole's mentor, the honorable Josephine Mandamin and work with water & heart.  



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Chief Clara is an elder of the Ramapough Lenape Nation.  The inspiration (in spirit) for her life’s work begins and ends with her family, both biological and spiritual. She has been called by her Creator to work with the young humans of the planet. With the information she receives from Creator and her Ancestors, she walks the Red Road and shares with all who will listen.  

“I know that I walk and share the truths I receive, as they are revealed to me.  If I know nothing else, I know that I am a living conduit for the messages and teachings of our Ancestors.”  Clara “Soaring Hawk” Hasbrouck.

Chief Clara has been facilitating ceremony, both nationally and internationally, since 2016.  She has been asked to present ceremony at a multitude of events, including Sacred Water Ceremonies, Sing The Water Song and religious/spiritual gatherings.  

“I have been returned to my tribe by the Creator to effect and affect positive change in every place and person that I have been led to by Creator.  The change is not just for me, my people, Indigenous folks, etc., it is for ALL OF OUR RELATIONS. Mother Earth is on loan to us. We need to be the caretakers for her so that all future generations can thrive.”

Chief Clara defines herself as a ‘Spiritual Ecologist”. She is currently working with many others to stop the PIPELINES across the planet.  

Chief Clara is currently planning for her 2020 journeys.


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water testing Station


Water is Life! 


It is important to know what is in your water! Bring your own water sample from home to test it yourself for contaminates at our hands on educational water testing station. 

At this station you will learn how to easily test your own water and about different ways that water can be filtered so that it is safe to drink.


Contaminants tested include: heavy metals,  lead, bacteria, chemicals, and more. 

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The Spa Ship

The Spa Ship is a Brooklyn based delegation of sound healers and body workers. 


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Featured Items:

Four Acupuncture Treatments at the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project.

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A date night package at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (2 tickets + $30 worth of food/beverages)

Artisan Handcrafted Ceramic Water Pitcher by Pamela Spall Nelkin 

A Feral Fungi Set of 7 Spagyric Tinctures (Reishi, Lions Mane, Red Belted Polypore, Usnea, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Artist Conk) - One correspondent to each of the inner 7 planets.

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Two sets of two ticket guest passes for the Brooklyn Museum

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$50.00 Gift Certificate to Flowerpower Herbs & Roots

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 3-Class pass for 2 weeks at Shambhala Yoga & Dance

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Fine Art Photography ,“Spade Lake” {glass framed} by Alex Deems

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 One pair of hand woven medicine earrings by Mira Sol *(please note, exact picture are not the exact item)


@honeysoljewels on Instagram

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Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.33.07

Fine Art Photography with Glass Frame, “Oneonta Falls” by Alex Deems

Fine Art Print, “Human Evolution” by Chris Dyer


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Fine Art Photography with Glass Frame, “Reflection Canyon”  by Alex Deems

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Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.33.07

Art print, “Peeling Bodies” by Chris Dyer

Signed Archival Fine Art Print  on watercolor paper of “Water is Life” by Chris Huang

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Signed Archival Fine Art Print  on watercolor paper of “Coyote” by Chris Huang

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