Marituly Gatodemonte 

Founder & Dreamer of Weaving Worlds

I am a pioneer for Mother Earth and Seed Guardian.

I am a visionary and holistic healer focused on natural medicine, botanical nutrition, temazcal, permaculture design and alternative children’s programming through various means of artistic expression.


My philosophy: giving with an open heart brings radiating joy and directly benefits others while practicing the art of self-love.

Three years ago the collective initiative, Weaving Worlds, was formed to catalyze regenerative planetary solutions and create an equitable & abundant future for all living beings.


My dream is to someday have the “Franklin Farm” which will provide self-sustainable sanctuaries for displaced children and grandparents in all nations.

- Marituly Gatodemonte


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Weaving Worlds is a non-profit collective initiative of Educators, Artists, Earth Activists, Philanthropists and Holistic Healers that acts as a bridge between cultures and is dedicated to protecting Mother Earth and all of her living systems.


We seek to cultivate a holistic collaborative cultural evolution that prioritizes: human creativity, ancestral wisdom, and care for all generations of life and of the planet.


We want to strengthen our global community by creating a database that bridges the gaps within our society. As such, we urge all people and groups involved in social movements and projects that are in alignment with promoting cultural exchange, positive solutions, regenerative actions, education, healing, sovereignty to contact us.

By weaving all of our projects with one another we will create an everlasting web of support & sustainability for each other and Mother Earth.