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Weavings Worlds is partnering with the Global Tree Xchange (GTX)  to plant as many trees as possible on available land in the Americas. This would be at no cost to the land owner or keepers of the community and is a great opportunity to work towards living in balance for our Earth & environment.



The mission here is to preserve the planet by planting new trees as proactive carbon offsets to companies, organizations, and governments while at the same time to providing locals with trees that are viable resources to their communities either through the production of food or commerce. 


This planting triggers natural regrowth and is performed using proprietary drone and satellite technology with the ability to plant up to 200 acres per day in a single location making this initiative time and cost effective.

Learn how to get seeds planted on your land and join our WW Global Forest !
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Weaving Worlds is a non-profit collective initiative of Educators, Artists, Earth Activists, Philanthropists and Holistic Healers that acts as a bridge between cultures and is dedicated to protecting Mother Earth and all of her living systems.


We seek to cultivate a holistic collaborative cultural evolution that prioritizes: human creativity, ancestral wisdom, and care for all generations of life and of the planet.


We want to strengthen our global community by creating a database that bridges the gaps within our society. As such, we urge all people and groups involved in social movements and projects that are in alignment with promoting cultural exchange, positive solutions, regenerative actions, education, healing, sovereignty to contact us.

By weaving all of our projects with one another we will create an everlasting web of support & sustainability for each other and Mother Earth.