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 We are a Transcultural Beehive of education and action for Ancestral Wisdom, Environmental Sustainability, Nutrition, Social Justice, Creative & Expressive Arts, Seed Sharing, and Community Building.


As an organization we weave people from different walks of life  to support these important topics through information  sharing, networking opportunities and visibility, educational workshops, and events. 

Through creative educational workshops, events and fundraisers, Weaving Worlds creates direct action days to enrich our global conscious community to act as a bridge between cultures and people around the world. 

As an organization we work with children, adults, elders, the Earth and all of her protectors as a unified global community.

 As a global community, our Weaving Worlds Ambassadors work with ally organizations to support projects for social change and environmental sustainability. We do this by going into different communities in need to provide resources and hands on support for selected outreach projects. 

We can always use your hearts and hands to help weave and enrich our global community!


See how you can make a difference today by volunteering your time or supporting our projects by donation!


Become a Weaving Worlds Ambassador in your community! 

Submit a proposal to be supported to create your dream project that will makes a difference in your community! 

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work!"