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As a non-profit organization, we bring people together from different walks of life with the purpose to promote environmental sustainability, enable nutritional availability, encourage artistic creative expression, and honor ancestral wisdom around the world.


Through community building, networking, educational programing, donations and fundraising events, Weaving Worlds is able to create and support projects that make a positive impact on our planet for the next seven generations to come.

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Support Our Projects

As a 501(c)(3) organization, you can make tax deductible donations that support regenerative environmental solutions.

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We weave people, cultures, and resources.

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Weaving Worlds protects and preserves  knowledge and ancestral wisdom from our cultures around the world. We believe that these native cultures hold the keys of origin that helps us to remember how to live in balance with the Earth, and all her creatures.

Through story telling, cosmology, song, healing techniques, and teachings, we learn and share directly with native people who carry ancestral wisdom. We are devoted to keep alive the wisdom of the sacred fire, and the sacred heart that illuminates us all.



The Earth is our mother. From her we came, and to her, we will return. With the greatest respect an understanding, everything we have is from the Earth. It is our loving responsibility to care of her as she cares for us.

We are in a time of environmental crisis. Everyday the world is becoming more polluted, and natural resources are being depleted and pillaged. As guardians of the Earth, we desire to  protect the accessibility to clean, natural resources for communities, and habitats.




Food is our first medicine. Did you know that the nutritional value in fruits, vegetables, and grains has dramatically decreased in the last decade? This is due to the depletion of nutrients in out soil. With lack of proper vitamins, minerals, and protein, individuals are more prone to disease and the natural process to heal. Many illnesses, including mental heath can be traced back to your gut.

It is important for us to be informed about nutrition and to provide communities with access to clean, organic food, and education. When we take care of our nutrition, we can take care of  our health and well-being at the foundation.



Before one can write, one can draw. Before one can talk, one can sing. Before one can walk, one care dance. Creative expression is at the root of being human. It is through creative play and profound lessons are learned.

We believe artistic and creative expression are fundamental for a healthy person and a joyful society. Relationships are made cross culturally  through the arts because language is no longer a barrier. It is through the arts that we can learn about ourselves, our world, and one another.

Bees at Work
Bees at Work
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Join our Weaving Worlds Team as a volunteer and ambassador to support projects that make a difference for the planet and the seven generations to come.

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