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13 Sacred Circle of Wise Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Planet: Cheryl Ann Angel

Weaving Worlds is proudly supporting one of our mentors and activists, Lakota Grandmother Cheryl Ann Angel, as she receives the indigenous Prayer Staff of Light which is being bestowed by the Sacred Circle of Grandmothers and Grandfathers. This prayer staff was created 13 years ago and has been passed on to many Indigenous healers and activists leaders.

Grandmother Cheryl Angel will be embarking on a pilgrimage throughout North America, creating sacred circles with women across the nation.

This movement and sacred pilgrimage is taken in alignment with the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor that states, when the two great birds, the Condor of the South who represents the path of the heart and intuition, and the Eagle of the North who represents the path of the mind and industry, come together to fly as one in solidarity, the tribe of rainbow people will emerge with the potential to weave peace and restore humanity so that we may be in balance with all creatures of the Earth and beings of the infinite. 

By supporting these sacred movements with respect, action, and integrity as Grandmother Cheryl Angel is doing in her pilgrimage, we aide in nurturing the path for the potential of this great prophecy to come alive and succeed. It is through us and our own actions that the Great Spirit does the work. No act of kindness and support is too small, as we all weave together as brothers and sisters, embodying our rights as children of the Earth.

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