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Meet Pippa of Tree-Nation ! In 2015 Pippa worked as a strategic project and program manager in the UK, working heavily in the corporate industry for many years until she decided to sell all her belongings and leave to travel the world.

In her travels she saw the first hand destruction of the rainforests and natural habitats caused by industry and disregard. Looking for a way to use her corporate skills for good, Pippa joined Tree-Nation to help make positive change in the world and is now responsible for Tree-Nations Corporate Partnerships.

In this role, Pippa works with corporations, individuals and organizations that want to support agro re-forestation in de-forested areas, re-introducing native species; nutritional, fast growing, and medicinal trees to regenerate the eco-systems in these areas.

On whole, the organization Tree-Nation plants trees world-wide through affiliated projects and currently has 14 active projects present on four continents, each with its specific goal and objective. Some of the main objectives include CO2 compensation, fighting desertification, providing economic opportunities, increasing food security, and water retention. Besides taking in CO2 and cleaning polluted air, trees also are great water retainers that help to revitalize land so that it is livable and lush again.

Trees can stabilize the water networks on a global scale by storing water in the ground which generates clouds, and leads to rainfall in various areas. Tree-Nation employs people from local communities plant trees for the specific project that Tree-Nation is involved with. This stimulates jobs within the community and encourages education regarding the importance of replanting a natural forest in order to maintain an environment of abundance.

Tree-Nation averages 10-30 different species per project and by planting with Tree-Nation each company has its own Corporate Forest (Profile), where all the trees are accounted for and their CO2 compensation stats are calculated on a species by species base.

Though the best answer for industries to limit their CO2 emissions and stop deforestation would be to create new systems of doing that particular business that are in alignment with the Earth, Tree-Nation provides a valuable service to maintain a healthy planet and work towards balance with the Earth at this current moment in time.

If you’d like more information or to get involved with this work, please contact

Thank you for your work Pippa and Tree-Nation!

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