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Water blessing in Chalma, Mexico.

Cheryl Angel and her Weaving Worlds team went to an Ahuehuete tree in Chalma to do a water blessing in order to bless their pilgrimage and all their relations. People come from all over Mexico on an annual pilgrimage to this particular Ahuehuete tree which is known for this healing powers. The Ahuehuete tree is the national tree of Mexico and in Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico, Ahuehuete means “old water tree” given that its roots dig into the Earth searching for water. Because of this sacred symbolism panhuehuet trees are also used to create the sacred medicine hand drums and were also for Aztec dances and ceremonies.

This 1,100 year old cypress tree grows upon a sacred spring and people go to the tree to cleanse themselves with the water and receive a blessing from the great Mother in the sky. They believe that water comes from the stars. Grandmother Cheryl Angel and her team bought flower crowns and left them there as an offering. They prayed that the water blesses their pilgrimage, the people they meet along the way, and that their loved ones at home are safe and happy. They blessed Anna’s camera, which is documenting this pilgrimage and also being of service in a documentary about Grandmother Cheryl. They blessed the four corners of the universe and sent the blessing to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Cheryl Angel believes the tree has love for all people, plants and animals and that she is an ageless undenying symbol of love as she protects that water. She recognized that the water and tree have a very sacred and symbolic relationship. Cheryl prayed for the love of the Mother so that people remember that the Earth is our Mother. During this moment she also realized that this is just the beginning of her journey to help people in their remembering. She said that places like this inspire her to keep going on her sacred journey.

Mitakuye oyasin.

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