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Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice from Mexico!

As the sun sleeps for its longest evening this December 21st and is followed by the full moon on December 22nd, we can take this time of darkness to look inward for renewal, re-generation, and self-reflection.

The winter solstice symbolizes the death of the sun and begins a time of putting things to sleep and resetting for the new year. It is a time of hibernation and going within internally to embrace the darkness with the coming winter. The winter solstice is an opportunity for renewal as the Earth embraces her natural cycle of death and re-birth, clearing the way for new life and new possibilities.

As humans we can use this moment to reflect with gratitude on our past year and invite ourselves to break patterns that no longer serve us so that we can fully step into our true nature, our light, and our heart mission with compassion and integrity.

To celebrate this winter solstice the Weaving Worlds Team is accompanying the Lakota Elder, Cheryl Angel who is a honorary guest at the international Winter Solstice Kiva of Raices de la Tierra located at Ixtlan del Rio, near the Ceboruco volcano in Nayarit, Mexico.

This Kiva is a four day international invitational gathering of elders who come together from all across the world to pray for Mother Earth, all her creatures, and humanity.

The Kiva specifically is a circular excavation within the Earth that creates four directional alters to incubate and receive prayers for all. The four alters of the Kiva represent the four winds who are symbolic of the four brothers (Red, Yellow, Black, White) whom eventually turned into the four directions of the Earth.

Here, each day is dedicated to specific prayers including prayers for our families, ancestors, and the winter solstice itself, that is a symbolic representation of the natural cycle of death, life and renewal.

Cheryl Angel and the Weaving Worlds team are here in Mexico with the purpose to invoke and invite women of the world to the Sovereign Sisters Gathering that will take place in the Black Hills of South Dakota in June, 2019. In alignment with the Eagle and the Condor Prophecy , the Sovereign Sisters Gathering will unite women of the north and the south, strengthening our beautiful tapestry of souls that walk in alignment with the Earth. This gathering will be a major weaving point for Cheryl Angel's pilgrimage with the Staff of Light to unite women and water in solidarity across the North Americas.

At this Kiva we hold you in our prayers and honor the great work that you are doing out there in the world and in your heart.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this great movement with your actions, energy, and reciprocity! For this Solstice we have so much HOPE for this coming year! As we meet and connect with more of you from across the world we can really see and feel how the time to come together for a harmonious future is now! Together hailing from all different walks of life, and four corners of the world, we are so powerful with each one of us doing our part.

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